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How about the increased force through acceleration, mass and decelleration is supposed to increase muscle strength/power in the concentric phase of a less intense movement?

Ex) Does eccentrically stopping a 100lb bar and squat from your toes lead to greater gains in a concentric jump using only body weight? (like jumping for sports?) Or do you eccentric load with 100lbs, move to a full (eccentric and concentric) plyo jump with a 20lb vest and then test vertical jumping? Dunno.

I do agree that if you are doing Oly clean and snatch it is build in. So most likely a program of Oly lifts and some plyo work would probably take care of it. I did find the techniques interesting in increasing acceleration down to create a greater force than the inital load which may just be a safer and easier way to do sports training for younger less experience athletes.
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