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Originally Posted by Arden Cogar Jr. View Post
I got in touch with Scott Tusic. We know each other from our old powerlifting days. I didn't realize it at first, but he's "Hillbilly." I never knew his real name. He's gotten into olympic lifting since he turned 50 (two years ago). Guy's a really strong dude. I can remember him squatting and deadlifting close to 7 in the 198/220s years ago. Could bench really well too. I think his best total was near 1800 and that was before the equipment revolution.

He's invited me up, but he has to wait until he sorts some things out. He even considered bringing a couple of his athletes to my place to train.

I'm really excited. I really need to train with other weighlifting enthusiats. I think it will help me advance.

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Thats great, things falling into place....
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