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Craig Snyder
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Thanks Derek. I will do that when my camera is working again or I get a new one. The one that I have isn't working. I do know that they need a lot of work, so the sooner the better so I don't wreck myself over the next 4 months.

Some more demographics: 65 inches. 140lbs. Estimate 10-12% body fat. That is based on visually of abs. I can see the outline of the abs, and the start of a six pack, but not enough to say that it has returned yet. I've lost 20lbs since last Jan thanks to crossfit/zone. I have no idea what fat/muscle ratio was lost/gained during this time, but it is definitly a positive ratio due to strength improvements in pull ups/push ups/squats/etc.

WOD 1-22-08

Subbed treadmill for rows (no rowers here) 1000m
5 power cleans to push press (75lbs) no sand bag, used barbell
30 swings (40lbs)
750m run
10 power cleans to push press
25 swings
500m run
15 power cleans to push press
20 swings


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