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I figured it out; it came to me last night laying in bed. You know, that special time when you're not thinking about anything, but your best ideas just come to you because it's quiet and nothing else is going on.

The last few days I've been frying my eggs for breakfast since Dr. Eades says that scrambling them exposes the yokes to air and heat which oxidizes them, or something. In doing so I'm left with a puddle of yoke after I eat, you know that puddle that was so lovingly lapped up by a crisp piece of toast in your former life, but is now discarded since sausage doesnít do so well sponging it up.

The answer:

I made a big fried egg salad. The yoke acts as the dressing, it's AMAZING.

4 omega-3 fried eggs
2 cups salad mix
1 can wild salmon

Rating: The best way I've started a Friday in a long time.
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