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Craig Snyder
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Thanks Derek. I think a higher heel might be a better investment for me right now anyway. I am tight...very tight. I took a couple of vids that I will be posting soon of some air squats and they are ugly. I'm talking posterior tilting at maybe 60 degrees of the squat. The worst of it is that I didn't know that was a problem until I did a video and saw it. So all the squatting that I have been doing has been poor squatting...lucky for me I am not injured becuase of it.

So...I have a lot of work to do. Kinesthetic training and agressive flexibility training will be added to the program. But no more deep squats until the posterior tilt is fixed (that hurts just typing that). And basically power oly lifts as well until I get straightened out. The good news is that I have made some gains just over this weekend with stretching, so I think there is hope for me and I am optimist that within a month I will be better off. I will hopefully have some Do-wins by then as well.

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