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That's my problem - lack of balls.

All the above will be implement into my routine.

I like the Tabata idea. I've been doin something similar to that with my kettlebell warm ups. But I'll expand on it.

I've noticed the following things since I've started this foray into olympic lifting:

1) my 7 year daughter has pounded my traps saying stuff like, "just making sure that's really you."
2) my hamstrings have become noticably larger - or more in proportion with my quads.
3) I can "sit into" a full squat position with my feet flat and my back straight for extended periods of time with no pain anywhere on ascent or descent.

Now, I just need to do (3) with weight and i'll be golden.

thanks everyone.

All the best,

Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
Arden, I've only been at this a few weeks longer than you, and I've determined my problem is lack of balls. I thought I had them, but I don't.

It's actually starting to get better with both lifts. Getting reps at lower weights has helped with form and comfort when adding plates. I still pull a hell of a lot more than I can OHS right now, so power snatch is a necessity beyond 80% or so. Tall cleans and OHS are helping to bridge the gap.
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