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Anton Emery
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Cool to hear you are training at Straight Blast. I train at the main gym here in Portland, OR, and i hear overall the SB gyms have a really good vibe.

Your program looks like it might have alot of strength work if you are coming at it from an MMA perspective. Are you doing any metcon's? I would think about doing one day geared towards maximal strength, something like 3-5 sets of 2-3 reps of a few compound lifts, another day of explosive strength, and two conditioning days. Explosive strength days could be lighter weight O-lifts or bodyweight stuff like explosive pushups, jumping squats, knee tucks, etc. Conditioning could be running sprints, jump rope intervals or any number of things.

I also find to get in MMA/Grappling shape i have to do exactly that, spar/grapple alot. Crossfit and other workout regimens help, but nothing can replace the actual activity.

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