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Default I feel better now that I'm pregnant than I do usually!

Not a second of any morning sickness or anything. My skin and hair look great and for the first time in my life I've got cleavage! woo-hoo! I think I understand what you guys have been all gaga about all these... since we evolved. Pregnant is definitely the new sexy!

Hubby has described me as "slightly tipsy- like when she's had two glasses of champagne." I'm eternally happy and despite my heightened sense of smell, totally lovin' life. For me, I believe the hormonal change is more along the lines of my unwillingness to get into fights at the supermarket. I'm so much more mellow now and dare I say "girly." I've become OBSESSED with scrapbooking and I'm so much less the slob than I usually am. Clothes on the floor bother me and I can't leave dishes undone.

While this may sound good, I have no idea who this person is that I've become!

Oh yeah- it's a BOY!!!! And I am so overjoyed I don't even know where to start. He's Carlin Hitchens, due June 1 and he's already a champion kickboxer. (Thanks to Dr. G's vitamins I'm sure!) The name, indeed, comes from the comedian and the journalist.

He's gonna love James Taylor and Marc Broussard and Stevie Ray Vaughn and Oscar Peterson by the time he gets here, and he's gonna be homeschooled.

I've been planning this for the better part of a decade (had to wait for the right Hubby/Daddy) so I am amped and ready! Come on June 1.
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