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Excellent points, Steve. I'm a 44 year old recreational athlete so I'm never going to be going pro! However, what motivates me most to exercise -- besides feeling good -- is my adult hockey. And, unlike a lot of sports which do focus on a narrow set of skills, hockey involves most parts of your body. People will argue the case but I think hockey players are among the most conditioned athletes there are: strong, agile, explosive, lots of stamina, etc. Perhaps not marathon runners, but able to do fairly well across a lot of dimensions.

I don't get very motivated by the thought of maxxing out all the CF workouts. It would be great to be in such great shape that I could max them out, but that is just not a motivating idea for me. CF for me is a means to an end.

I've asked Mike Boyle to design a hockey-specific program for me. I'd like to try to integrate that with some of the CF workouts if I can. For instance, instead of 400m run plus thrusters, do intervals (45s on, 120s off) for 15-20 min on a spin bike then do thrusters. That's got to be transferable to hockey, right?

I mean Coach Glassman is just making these workouts up. It's pretty easy to see the pattern behind them and they're not Gospel. There is no magic to 5x400m runs - intervals on a bike or rowing or something else is just as beneficial, no? What I see as the "hidden gems" of Crossfit are:

- intensity
- CFWU: a lot of people just diss Pullups, pushups, dips, etc. and focus on lifting big weights. Clearly a mistake since it neglects the integration of different parts of the body.
- O lifting: Boyle feels that you get all of the benefit from doing these from the hang rather than the floor, at least unless you're an O lifter. Doing them from the floor risks injury for many of us.
- variety: Coach G. keeps things interesting.

PS - I only discovered Boyle recently but he was the S&C coach for BU for 17 years and for the Boston Bruins for 10 years and for the 1998 US women's Olympic ice hockey team. Mike O'Donnell put me on to him.
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