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So is Boyle cutting me a commision check? Ha.

There are so many variables when it comes to workouts and with that being said, no one workout is probably the "best", but a program that periodizes not only the important aspects to a specific sport but also targets your weaknesses and imbalances to increase overall performance. Mike Boyle may have you doing single legged squats, another person may favor something else, Paul Chek may have you squatting on a swiss the end of each can make you a better athlete than you are right now, then it works.

Powerlifting programs may only increase hockey performance by 65%, skating all day may have little contribution to increasing your strength in a deadlift, working on balance may increase your ability to stabilize a load and therefore increase work output in both. If you want good stick handling ability, then you need to practice that. There are so many variables in training goals not too mention so many variables with in the game itself. Are you a big defenseman who needs physical strength or are you a power forward who has the speed to get around people.

I'd say stick with a program that is geared for you. If you want more size, then you lift heavy. If you want more speed you do explosive and plyo work. If you want sports improvements then you do movement based training such as 1 legged squats, lunges or slide board work. If you want a program for all then you need to have a monthly plan that targets each area specifically without compromising the effectiveness of each other.

Hope that makes sense. In all, do what you feel is working for you. If your balance sucks, then do more 1 legged strength and stability work. While pullups might be a good metabolic workout and give developed lats, it will only contribute a small fraction to increasing your wrist shot. Hockey is an extremely glycolotic sport, lots of short bursts of speed. Jogging will detrain your sprinting ability on the ice, so shorter more intense distances are better. Quick feet make a better hockey player along with strength.

Remember even the pros workout with different people....some may go to Boyle, Mike Modano goes to Chek, others to Core Performance, some go on their own, I've seen some in my gym doing their own programs.....not all are doing the same things. However I do believe for increase atheltic performance you need a balance of sprint work, basic big lifts, explosive lifts, plyo and agility and balance/injury prevention.
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