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Steve, Mike, (Robb you've read my opinion on this)
I think thats the idea there though, knowing that basic concept. If were going to use What is Fitness? as our definition of Fitness than we have to understand that this is what the WOD is designed to produce. At the same time if you're an athelete in a specific sport you sure do have to practice that sport to get good at it. Or at least train in a manner that will transfer directly to this.

Thats why I have no problem prescribing CrossFit to a Hockey player, because it wont hurt for them to be capable of anything. Hockey demands a great deal of that. While I have to insist that they train specifically for their sport. Skating drills, handling drills, body contact drills, single leg drills, balance, accuracy drills. At the same time I disagree with the idea that because they are a specialized athlete they require segmented training whether that be segmentation via periodization or segmentation via psychomotor development.

So being there I think its more relative to percentage of effect. What I mean to say is the athletic sport specific skills required will have a higher percentage value in the training as the non specific anciliary training (ie: CrossFit). Might look like 1 or 2 out of every 5 workouts is WOD like and the rest are SST. Like you said its such an individualized issue when you get into athletics that so many variables have to be addressed that it's unwise to say apply it LIKE THIS.

If your sole goal is fitness than I think the Glassman's are on the right track and the WOD is as good as you'll get.

and I keep rambling and rambling and rambling
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