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Ben Moskowitz
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Well, I thought I would update a bit.

I've learned to chill out. I've learned that Zone dieting + crossfit-style psyching up, intensity and so forth can lead you down a dangerous road. The "Mental Strength" articles have been a great read. Plus other things... like books... and totally getting away from fitness. Having a life. Relaxing.

Sometimes, focusing on performance, body comp, or whatever isn't even worth it. You have to ask yourself, "why are you working out?" Hopefully the answer is "because it's fun." If not, time to take a breather.

Strangely enough (this is a hunch) you operate best not when focused on performance and "bringing it," but when your having fun.

The PMenu-intuitive-Zen approach has been sexy to me for a while, but I think I'm slowly actually getting there. It takes a while.

Ohh, and "bulking up" takes a retarded amount of food. Week to week. Don't make my mistake and go all 24hour window, squeeky clean, carb load, cyclic whatever. If you go out to dinner, you're obligated to eat a boatload, regardless of paleo-friendliness. Plus a gallon of milk.

I lost sight of the big picture by focusing intensely on minute details, for sure.
Hopefully I don't get too fat.... but I've learned not to even care.
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