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Ben Moskowitz
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I couldn't agree more. My obsession and discipline drove me to a very shaky place... and once you're there it takes a whole lot of time and mental shift to get out.

As I write now, I'm happy and loving the intuitive approach. Hopefully this will stick with me, and I can keep my eye on the big picture so as not to stress.

"Stress: don't do it. It'll kill ya."
Not terribly helpful when you're stressed out.

I would say better advice is:
"Have fun. Enjoy life. Read a book, maybe even something light. Or watch a movie. Go *mindless* for a while."

This is probably self-evident stuff, but it's certainly hard to follow day after day ain't it...

I guess the only debate left is 1 cup of olive oil/day vs. 1 gallon of milk/day.
My current plan is 3 solid meals, protein+fat+veg. Maybe some snacks if I can bear it. Add to that a gallon of milk. That's like, 1500-2500 calories (skim vs. whole). If you are following the zone, that doesn't compute. That's like, all of your blocks. So it's like, doubling your food intake. It just doesn't make sense.
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