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Originally Posted by Ben Moskowitz View Post
I guess the only debate left is 1 cup of olive oil/day vs. 1 gallon of milk/day. My current plan is 3 solid meals, protein+fat+veg. Maybe some snacks if I can bear it. Add to that a gallon of milk. That's like, 1500-2500 calories (skim vs. whole). If you are following the zone, that doesn't compute. That's like, all of your blocks. So it's like, doubling your food intake. It just doesn't make sense.
Confused on the question itself....but if you double ALL calories (as in protein/fat/carbs) then you will get more fat than muscle...and then have to lean out again. If your goal is lean muscle gain....then up the protein, cut down on carbs (except pwo) and keep fat levels where you need to be to maintain performance/weight gain/activity level. (aka..the more you do...the more fat you will probably need...the less you do...the less you will need). Milk is good mass gain because of the balance of slow release proteins in the whey/caesin (whole, not skim)...but you can get plenty of protein from whole foods like steak, eggs, etc also. You don't need a gallon a day...maybe just a glass with every meal. As stated in another thread...personally I can't do it because of the mucus and breathing issues...but if I wanted to gain short term and didn't have a need to bike/run/play ice hockey/ or date...then I probably would do it...I found the ladies are not big fans of spitting up mucus every 5 minutes...

back to the zen side....2 cases in point...

- A BB guy I know...had emergency gallbladder surgery....haven't seen him in months....he went from a ripped probably 210....I didn't even recognize him the other day. I bet he is seriously depressed about that size lost...and how quickly it happened....but as I told him, it was good to see him walking around and living and I am sure he has some better perspective on life now...

- 2nd case....I f&#^# up my shoulder and hand in one hockey game...bad full speed collision...and some guy not liking me too much and slashing my for the past 3 weeks I can't raise a beer can over my head with one arm...and can't put any pressure on my hand with the other (can't even do a pushup) prob lost 5 lbs in the upper body....but life is always going to be full of those things and I no longer have my happiness tied to self image....5 years ago...seriously would be smile and look forward to doing some pushups soon!
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