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Wow yeah, that's a great perspective. The whole body image thing can REALLY throw people for a loop. I know it did for me.
I guess if you really want to push, there's the "crossfit injury approach," which I guess would be pistols or some other skill/strength. And there's always flexibility to fall back on. It's tough to stay consistent with that one.

I guess right now, milk is cheap and easy, and I don't have to worry about protein requirements Meat ain't cheap. Although per calorie per dollar, olive oil is pretty comparable to milk. Nuts and nut butter, and even coconut milk, not so much.

The conundrum I have is the milk + squats routine, and 20lbs. in a month sort of deal. And that's with whole milk, an extra 2500 calories/day on top of your average diet. I mean, Rippetoe prescribes a gallon of whole milk/day, and he says stick to the program. It seems so simple, I just want to follow it.

I don't want to limit my gains (which I definitely was doing by being so obsessed, and not understanding calories and whatnot) but obviously there's little point in just getting fat.

Simple is good. Getting too fancy is tricky (and can be taxing).
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