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agreed. The trick is to have a plan, stick to it, and then see what happens. Not to be running 5 hypotheses all at once and scrambling them together hour by hour.

I've got 5 gallons of skim in the fridge (a week is probably too small a time frame though). We'll see what happens.

Trader Joe's EVOO is fortunately cheap as well. So is peanut butter (while not paleo-friendly, it's super cheap, loads of fat, and some protein, if maybe high in carbs. I'll just shy away from the sugar-laden crap).

I think my previous foray into "high fat low carb" was just "serious caloric deficit" because I didn't know what I was doing and was obsessing, pidgeon-holing, whatever.

EDIT: Oh, and I love cooking to a (p-menu) recipe now, not some zone-dictated BS, with amounts that make sense based on how food is "packaged." And then eating to satiety, not blocks. I guess I have a good intuitive sense of proportions now after zoning for a while, so it's not even something worth thinking about. Of course, not having to cut fat is a plus. I can get back to that later.

Final Edit:
Here's Rippetoe's last word In bulking up (WFS). Pretty simple prescription I'd say; he really likes the milk = natural growth liquid thing, which sorta makes sense. Although I might've worked up "mass gain baseline + gallon o' milk = extra fat" over the past week, it sure beats the heck out of lack of calories. Of course, yeah, now I'll play around with it and see what happens. This is fun.
p.s. I love that the performance menu has ingredient overlap from issue to issue. You just go to the grocery store, pick some stuff, and cook several different meals.

I will say my adoption of the high-fat paleo diet has given me some wicked gas. Or maybe it's all the fibrous veggies. Or maybe both.

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