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Default Targeted vs. General Stretching

OK. One or two years ago, I thought I wanted the splits. I came up with all kinds of crazy programming with PNF days and all sorts of stuff. The problem is it never became a habit, and I don't think I stretched the splits 7 days/week ever.

The simplest splits program I can think of is the 6 minute "split rotation" thing. I might get into that, although it always takes me 20 minutes... maybe that's why I don't commit.

Anyways, my splits goal is sort of a coverall for general hip and leg flexibility. I want to squat super-deep without back rounding, be able to straddle press to handstand, hang out in handstands and jerks, and be able to comfortably sit Indian style.

So, would a straddle, hamstring, ITB/glute, and shoulder "program" work best, or will actually committing to splits for 6 minutes a day get me there faster and then some?

And uh... habits are nice because then you don't have to think about them...

... my current habit is to do a circuit stretches PWO based on what exercise(s) I did. I'm more flexible than 6 months ago for sure, but not massively.

EDIT: uh, delete this thread. I think the best protocol = stretch what's tight first (stuff out of balance leg to leg, etc.) and then do the "general stretches."
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