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OK, here's my photo.

You can actually hold your foot with whatever hand feels more comfy. The important part is to keep your foot in the same lateral plane as your knee and hip. If you feel a stretch in your ankle, you're doing it wrong.

Things that have worked for me in this stretch:
breathing deeply
letting the tension fade away
leaning forward with a flat back
leaning forward at a few different angles

You can do the same glute stretch while sitting too. Just make sure to keep your foot in line, so the stretch goes to butt.
Also, you can do a variation of the first stretch, but put your foot on some stairs so you don't have to get on the floor.

See how high my leg sits in the sitting stretch? That's a serious lack of flexibility.

Of course, I've only done this for a day, but I'm super psyched about being more mobile and injury-free.

I think this is also how the butterfly stretch works. Ordinarily, you should be releasing tension in your groin. If you ever feel like you're "stuck," it's because your glutes/ITB is inhibiting you from the other side. So you lean forward. Then you can lean back to keep opening up the groin.

All this business about moving around while stretching is true I think. It just helps to figure out exactly what kind of movement works for you. Unless you do a head to toe flexibility/mobility checkup, it will be hard to tell I guess.
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