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OK, I think I've come full circle with this. I now value the slow, gradual accumulation of performance and muscle, not bulking up or cutting up. I value the Zen-like state that comes with O-lifting. Eating right, enough, but certainly not stressing over food (enjoyment is far better). Eating carbs only as necessary for anaerobic performance, and otherwise enjoying the slow, even-keel burn of fat for fuel. And by golly if fat doesn't taste good, what a "diet!"
Answers do not lie in 20 rep squats, gallons of milk, or extremity. Balance and "moderation (in the elite physical sense)" are key.

I guess it takes a while to truly get intuitive with things, and I probably have a long way to go.

My only (unrelated) question is how to perform anaerobic metcons with intensity, but not get caught up away from the balance? To spike the adrenaline, but not get carried away during the effort or afterwards?

MOD, what's your approach to your hockey games?

My other resolution is to spend less or equal time on internet forums as in the gym. Mind and body balance is essential.

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