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Originally Posted by Craig Snyder View Post

Snatch heavy single:
hang snatch 65x3, snatch 85 m, x1, 100x2, 110x1

Clean and Jerk heavy single:
hang clean 95x3, c and j 105x2, 125 miss jx2

Fsq heavy single:
45x5, 95x3, 115x3, 135x2, 155x2, 160x1 (PR)

Just didn't have it for the clean and jerks today. My wrists and elbows were sore, probably from the OHS and bad reaction to allergy shots the day before. I lost the jerks behind my head twice with 125# twice, a weight that I haven't missed with this program yet. On the other side, I PR'd front squats by 5lbs.

lbs or kg?
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