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Tom Rawls
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from Peak Performance, a newsletter in the UK:

"Just this year [2007], Canadian scientists evaluated the long-term consequences of milk or soy protein, or carbohydrate (as maltodextrin) on muscle mass gains after resistance training. Subjects trained five days a week for 12 weeks and were given isocaloric beverages consisting of either fat-free milk, fat-free soy protein, or maltodextrin within an hour after their training sessions.
"In the study, they found no differences in strength development between the groups. However, the researchers did determine that type II muscle fibre increased in all groups; moreover, it increased the most in the milk group. Muscle mass gains were also significantly greater in the milk group when compared with both the soy and control groups. They concluded that the consistent consumption of milk after resistance training can promote greater hypertrophy when combined with resistance training."
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