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Originally Posted by Danny John View Post
Actually, I have been waiting for your results. I recommend five minute rests...I have no idea why anybody would do any less. My teenage boys doing this program could NOT get up the next day after squats. I still think people don't take this program serious enough.

I will see if I can find the original...
Hmmmm. That would have been useful information. I should have read closer. I guess I don't feel so bad that I felt soooo bad......

Even so, tough to say if I would have found anything different or not vis a vis the blubber situation with longer rests. I suspect with any super challenging program like this is difficult to stay hypocaloric.

I know it's sort of a moving target but next week I want try a straight up 5x5x5 program to see if I can keep improving my strength base while in the red calorie wise. I suspect this is more sustainable during deblubberification. Definitely will come back to the OLAD stuff maybe with the plyo's as described above as my strength base continues to build.
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