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Default Power Cleans......oh boy

hello All,
I know I started a wicked long thread that several commented on over on xfit on squat cleans. I've been drilling the heck out of myself the past few months and I'm getting better, but I'm a complete work in progress.

I've been battling a flu recently, so this was my first workout in six days. I was working on my power cleans. Last week, before I got sick, I finally figured out how to jump with the weight from the power position. I was so pysched. I couldn't believe I'd never done it before.

In any event, at this stage, I'm working on getting fast and getting the weight up as quick as I can. Exploding. Speed. To that end, I'm getting more comfortable with the rack. So I taped todays cleans. 200 for 4 sets of 4.

My initial reactions are
1. scare that omentum. Keep the bar closer to my big gut longer and really jump with that weight.
2. bend the knees more on the third pull or when I recieve the bar.
3. stop the stall at the beginning of the second pull. Didn't even realize i was doing it until I slowed down the play on the video.

Just wanted some thoughts from those much more learned than me. Just want to keep the course.

All the best,
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