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Craig Snyder
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My youngest son's birthday today. He is one!

Front Squat: 45#x5, 95x3, 115x3, 125 2x5
Clean pulls: 95x3, 145x3, 155x2, 175x1
Rack Jerks, behind neck: 95x2, 115x2, 135x2, 145x1

Met con, 3 rounds for time:
16 1 arm split snatch: 20lbs
20 cross chops: 20lbs
25 kipping pull ups

The pull ups killed me in the met con. I think my kipping technique is flawed because I am gassed at 15 when I can do 11-15 strict pull ups. My arms aren't tired at 15, but I am sucking wind then....or maybe I am just that out of shape. Either way, those are what killed my time.

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