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Craig Snyder
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I am not going to be able to workout tomorrow (saturday) so I combined today's WOD and tomorrow's WOD and skipped today's met con.

Muscle snatch: 80% max, 65#, 2x3
Power Snatch: 60% max, 70#, 2x4
Power C/J: 60% max, 95#, 1x4

Snatch: 90%: 105x1
C/J: 90%: 130x1
Bsq: 45x5, 135x3, 155x3, 175x1
Core work:
roll outs: 3x8
GHD situps: 3x10
bent over rows: 95#x6, 75# 2x8

Hips felt tight today. I have relaxed a little bit on my stretching routine this week and I can definitly tell. I will have to keep on stretching to keep my squat depth and to continue to improve it. I am able to squat below parrallel without the tilt now when warm, but not today. I also worked out in the AM and I usually workout in the PM, which probably made a difference as well.

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