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Default Mr. Universe/Buddha Belly for OHS

Hello all,

Just a note that a friend and I discovered today. Say you've been doing Dan John's Mr. Universe Chest/Buddha Belly for depth in low squats with your arms in a goblet squat position. Eventually, it will get "easy". Try the same exercise with a broomstick in the OHS position. Everything is new again! Good Lord.

Mr friend noticed that my lower back was pulling around in the low portion of the OHS. I guess my shoulder flexibility was letting my torso shift forward and my hips were doing all sorts of funky stuff. Regardless, I was getting deep but I wasn't anywhere near upright -- I could stay nicely upright with goblet squats though.

On the other side of the coin, I noticed my friend could barely make parallel with a goblet position. We pulled out Universe/Buddha on him and his sister exclaimed ... I've _never_ seen you at that depth. Heh. I drug him out of the bottom and thought for a bit .... Why not try it with me on OHS. Well, it went the same way. I was able to sink and those hip flexors did that weird, evil thing they do when you alternate expanding your chest and belly.

Please note, all technical terms in this post are Trademark Dan John and MILF.

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