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Right now, I'm not adding in any other exercises. I'm just focusing on the running for the upcoming 5K. After that, I will almost assuredly throw in other stuff. Maybe: sprint 200m, rest 2min, near max clapping pushups (leave 1-2 in tank), rest 2min, near max kipping pullups (leave 1-2 in tank), rest 2min, repeat two more rounds.


I'm recovering from a back strain from losing lordosis due to poor flexibility in my extensors. So I'm just training in small amounts to keep my sanity as I rehab. I have a very limited pool of exercises that don't aggravate the injury (upper body BW stuff, running, most jumping). I'm kind of focused on the 5K in four weeks, thus the recent emphasis on sprinting. I'd like to see if I could break 20 minutes with a minimal training program. After that, it will be upper body BW strength work until my back is healthy enough for me to start lifting heavy things again.
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