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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
Well now I feel like an ass. In that light, I applaud him for his efforts.

Has he tried inversion tables?
No worries Gant!!!

He's tried a lot of stuff. Eight years ago, he was about 220; big, strong, and really sorta power lifter fit. He had injured his back a long time ago, but didn't realize how severe it was until he was squatting and something just didn't feel right. Doc told him to stop working out. He told the doc, "you're fulla shit." - that's a quote. In any event, he lightened everything up and has already gone about four years beyond what the doc said he would in regards to when he would need surgery. In reality, he's just prolonging when he has to go under the knife.

He still deadlifts and squats really light. He wears the belt non stop. He also uses one of those rehband wraps when he does those movements.

I love inversion tables. However, I usally end up using my boots on my power cage at home. Actually got my phat arse stuck one time and my wife had to help me down. That was pretty funny to her. I now put my woody bands on the cage to assist me on my way up.

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