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Jonathan Owen
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Default 1-31-08

warm up-250 m row/burg pvc/bar burg/Hng p snx3 with bar/hng p snx3 65#
40x2x2 42.5x1 45x1 47.5x1 50x1 52.5x1 55x1 57.5x1 60x1x2 65x1 67.5x1 67.5x1 67.5x1 67.5x1 70x1 72.5x1 miss 72.5x1 72.5x1miss 72.5x1 miss
60x1x2 70x1x2 75x1 80x1x2 85x1x3
60x3 70x3 80x1 90x2 90x1x3
Starting to feel back in sync with the full movements, I should have never stopped doing them, even though we were in between training spaces. If that happens again, I will do the full movements no matter what type of bar I have to use. Doing too much of the power movements has affected my classic lift technique.
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