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Default MMA Strength/endurance Training advice

out of shape guy submitting this. Amazingly I moved right next to a school that does subsequent nights of :submission grapping/BJJ/MMA conditioning/Kickboxing. If i had envisioned my perfect martial arts school, this would be close to it.

However, as I haven't been training I'm wondering about signing up and injuring myself. So....should I just sign up and phase in some strength and high intensity endurance work outs once I'm handling the mma load or spend a month getting my body in better shape first. If so any recommendations? Focus on SS by rippetoe for a month with mobility/flexibility training...Or maybe more explosive strength movements like power cleans/ jump shrugs, the less complex olympic precursor type movements?

Appreciate any input. Thanks

Related question: Want to buy a thai bag and the vinyl ones seem to be much cheaper. Can i get away with that or should I buy leather?

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