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Default 2 pos sn @ 115# critique <--Work family safe link)

Comments and pointers please.

My thoughts:
I am supposed to be doing 3 position snatches here. However I feel very awkward pulling the smaller plates from the ground so I figure it is a flexibility issue coupled with a lack of skill. So basically I am doing a 2 position snatch 2 below the knees and 1 above the knees.

-I miss on the second below the knee snatch

-I think that I am starting my transition to the third pull too early on all the snatches

-Hip extension isn't powerful/violent/open enough

-I am slow on my third pull, just not getting under it fast enough or aggressive enough on all of the snatches

-I know I shouldn't try to save a miss. But at the Air Force gym there they don't like us civilian types hogging their gym so they would definitely boot me for dropping the weights.

-135 is my max snatch so I am pushing the weight a little with 115. I probably should just focus on technique with a more manageable weight for me.

-it sucks not being able to push it with the o-lifts. But I gotta do what I gotta do.

-There was a rocket attack about five minutes before I took the video so all working out was supposed to be on hold. That's why I am looking around like I just stole someone's cookie. I am probably not helping our cause at the gym either by not following directions am I
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