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I read Baggett's No Bull book. The point he makes there about hypersensitivity is that it can occur when your body fat declines below around 6% (or was it 8%). I've bulked up a bit more recently from around that level and find that I manage my energy levels much more easily. At 6% I reallly had to have an energy drink around when I exercised hard. Someone at CF posted that it was insulin resistance but in fact it seems to have been the opposite.

That doesn't mean that it's a permanent condition. If you're very lean because you're very active and not eating that much, then it would make sense that your glycogen stores will be depleted. Exercise will then force you to use external sources. It is true that when I get hypoglaecemic, I feel like I need to eat something sugary and that there is a delay before it hits the system.

My solution is to go for a bit more body fat than I perhaps would like otherwise in return for a better energy state.
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