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Originally Posted by Josh Whiting View Post
Chuffed and knackered are in constant use where I am from.

As for goals.

Next is 10, aiming for end of Jan. Once I've done that I will either aim for 20 or get a weighted vest and start adding weight - I'm not sure yet but it will depend on how I feel doing them regularly has effected my joints.. How have people found weighted muscle ups in terms of wear and tear on their joints?

As for the iron cross I've hung my rings from the supporting beam in the loft of my top floor flat. To use them I have to open the little trap door and hang them down on either side of the ladder so I'm not sure that an Iron Cross is possible!
Sounds good as to goals but watch out for excessive volume on that internal rotation element of the muscle up. Balance that with back bends, OHS's and muscle snatches. Don't be afraid to break the elements apart and just hammer dips and pull-ups. Most of the "problem" with muscle ups is the initial skills necessary. Once you develop the skill base strength improvements will drive progress IMO. Keep us posted!
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