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One of the commentators (Joe Rogan? Randy Coture?) mentioned that Tito has a serious problem of over training, hence the frequent back and knee injuries and apparently the occasional cold. He is obviously a driven and hard working guy but it's vitally important to show up on game day recovered. I've talked to Eva T a bunch about her competitive skiing and she mentioned that people who trained less than she frequently did better in competition because they were not over trained.

That said some interesting studies of elite judo players showed they were virtually ALWAYS over trained. The key was tapering for competition and allowing for some super-compensation to elevate your game. Tough stuff to do and more voodoo than science. I think this also illustrates a place in which performance, health and longevity part ways. Chronic inflammation, pain and soreness are NOT conducive to health and longevity but appear to be crucial for elite performance. We should get Brad in on a micro-array company that estimates potential over-training...
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