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Yea...sorry about the double post and wacky colors. I've been using google spell check (High AKP) but I fudged it up a few times.


Jeremy is on the money...and keep in mind if folks are significantly bigger and stronger it is going to be VERY difficult to make things work. You will need PERFECT technique and that is only going to be built by slowing things down and doing them perfectly with minimal resistance...and then ratcheting the resistance up incrementally. Superior technique can win over brute strength or size up to a point but this is one of the fantasies portrayed by many MA's that secret techniques are going to overcome greater strength. That might have been true in the grappling arts at one time (Royce Vs Shamrock?) but that is not the case now that EVERYONE knows essentially the same stuff. Hence weight classes in the UFC and Pride. And yes, I know occasionally a smaller person will barnstorm the whole tournament and win the absolute class. this is the exception, not the rule!
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