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Hey Cassi,

How much protein you need is a good question. Really somewhere around 0.6-0.8g/lb of lean mass is adaquate enough for muscle repair/growth. Some like more but those are usually for bigger gains in weight. Now if your medication is keeping your metabolism slow then you do not want too high calories or protein as it will turn to fat. I'd keep the protein at those levels and then adjust the fat to continue weight loss and still be able to maintain performance. You could also try having a 3on/1 off schedule of 3 days of low calories and one day of higher (not too high) "refeeds" to help replenish the glycogen, but also to not let your body drop your metabolism because of the lower cal days.

Intervals are a way to burn rapid muscle glycogen and keep your metabolism elevated for hours. If you are eating a low carb diet then the body is forced to burn more fat for fuel. (good goal) The LSD really is not effective as over time your body adapts and you burn less calories, plus it does little for stimulating the metabolism the rest of the day all while also promoting muscle breakdown if done too excessively.

Here's a good article on intervals by Cosgrove,
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