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Default Thoughts on multiple power cleans

I was thinking about this the other day as I was doing 4 sets of 6 for power cleans and I'd like a few viewpoints here.

Option A:
Power clean with full rack meaning elbows up all the way (parallel to the floor) and bar on shoulders with fingertips. Then dropping the bar and resetting the start position. Rinse and repeat.
Pros - Less energy spent on lowering the bar
Cons - Takes more time than option B or C, not great on the equipment.

Option B:
Power clean without full rack meaning elbows are between the parallel and perpendicular position and bar is on the shoulders with the bar still in the hands. Then lowering the bar and a quick touch to the ground without letting the hands go. Rinse and repeat.
Pros - Takes less time than option A and C, less energy spent than option B
Cons - Bad racking habits being reinforced, bad start habits could develop/reinforced

Option C:
Power clean with full rack, then lowering the bar and resetting the start position.
Pros - Reinforces good racking habits, reinforces good starting position
Cons - most time consuming and energy costly, when doing it this way I found myself to be way more tiring than doing it either A or B (this could be of course be because it was my last set too, not the most scientific of methods I know), also this is more like 6 consecutive singles because you are resetting every time you start, than 6 reps in a row.

I wasn't working for time or anything just working to complete the set and I wasn't doing it as part of an Oly complex either. After reading some stuff the last few months I've been trying not to drop the bumpers every chance I get, but lowering it as much as possible without hurting myself.

What do you think? Other options that I didn't try or think of? Possibly goal dependent i.e. power production over Olympic weightlifting goals...etc
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