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Originally Posted by Robb Wolf View Post
Hey Mark!
Dan is an unsavory cat but we like him...and every once in a while he is right about something! Keep us posted on your progress.
Unsavory ... indeed. I'm quite sad I can't make the January training session in Utah; a friend's getting married in India, I got invited, and that's just about a once in a lifetime opportunity.

So, I'm working on an adjunct routine to my main strength training: basically ring chins and ring dips to work towards a muscle up. Along with that I'm doing some Mr.U/BB holding onto a pole in front of me to mimic the partner aspect of the MrU/BB setup Dan showed me (us). No, I'm not taking up pole dancing.

When holding onto the pole, it's important to grab up high and stand quite close to it. If you grab low, it's more like a goblet squat position (which I mentioned I can handle pretty well). So, facing the pole (or squat rack post) grab about shoulder level, or so. Then, go deep. Stay bolt upright if you can (back perpendicular to the floor) -- you might not be able to, but fight for it. Arms will be slightly in front (which is different from OHS). You'll know it's working when the muscles over and just to the inside of your hip prominence (mainly hip flexors in there; may get to some add(ab?)ductors as well). Alternating MrU/BB will get you low. And your arms are there to pull you out.

Another variation is with a JumpStretch band draped over your chin bar. Actively pull it apart as you go down. It will bounce around a bit so you have to fight with tension.

The key for me in both of these is to fight for upright. If I don't, I can round at the bottom (my glutes get pulled underneath) and I end up in a bad position.

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