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For the people scratching their heads at what Mr Universe/Buddha Belly mean: (This is an excerpt of my little write up for DJ's excellent O-lift seminar from Jan. 2006)

1. "Break the finger" - This means keeping that bodybuilder chest, if someone attempts to put their finger between your arm and your lets you should be squeezing hard enough to have it be called "breaking the finger" In effect this is trying to maintain the "tri-lat tuck" but like he says "simple is better" and hey simple works for me.

2. Stretching into the squat position and goblet squats- Before you can o-lift you need to learn how to squat. As children we knew how to squat and then we beat it out of ourselves through "training." Squat down into a Goblet Squat:

1. Hold your arms close to your body with your palms facing up your forearms donít need to be touching, the bottom of your palms should be touching, so you look like if you are holding up a large goblet/bowl.
2. Now sink into your squat position, your elbows should be on the inside of your knees, not on top of your knees or on the outside of your knees. This is a goblet squat, now insert a dumbbell between your hands (you hold the dumbbell on the inside, the handle should be parallel to your body).

After teaching us what a goblet squat is, he then showed us how to get a person into the correct squat position by demonstrating Buddha belly and big chest. This is a partner assisted exercise:

1. Squat down into a goblet squat, have your partner stand right behind you, your body should be leaning on their legs somewhat.
2. Raise your arms above your head as if you were holding a pvc pipe in the snatch position, your partner will now pull your arms back a little bit (partners hands should be on your inside of your elbows.
3. Now, assume a big bodybuilder chest, now sag into a Buddha belly (meaning you push your stomach out as if imitating the Buddha), big chest, Buddha belly, big chest, Buddha belly, and one last time big chest, Buddha belly. Your partner now pulls you out of the hole because you will need the help.

The entire write up:
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