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LSD can work but it is grossly misunderstood. LSD does not stand for long slow distance. It's long steady distance and it is an approach used in endurance athletics to build efficiency of movement, not to lose body fat. It may have a side effect of burning fat but the goal is to improve your baseline fitness for a given movement, cycling, skiing, swimming running to the point that one becomes so efficient at the movement that it is no longer difficult to maintain a given speed.

Long steady walks are a great example of LSD that can work when initially starting a program of fat reduction. Once you get "fit" for walking, you need to increase the load or the speed in order to create they same demand. At a certain point, you become efficient enough that you are chasing your tail trying to make something that is easy (walking or jogging) harder so that you can burn more calories.

Intervals do work for a lot of people who are trying to lose fat. They are also really fun. That said, in a hypocaloric state, recovery from intervals can be hard and for some people this type of work makes them more hungry. Not exactly helpful when you are trying not to eat.

Don't get caught in the hype of any one approach. Everything works. Nothing works forever. You might want to approach it like an athlete. Periodization is your friend. here's what I mean. If your just getting rollign on a program, Don't try to do everything at once. Either focus on losing fat or focus on strenght endurance but don't force yourself to be successful at both at the same time.

I can tell you what is working for me. I'm three months in on fat loss effort. I'm down about 25 pounds of fat. Have gained maybe two pounds of muscle. Here is my approach. For 3 to 4 weeks at a shot, I focus on low calories, lots of low rep strength based work in the gym (right now it's 5x5x5) with lot's of adequate recovery, and sleep. (Sleep! Did I mention you should sleep?) at the same time I try to boot up my total non exercise physical activity (NEPA), through walking and cycling.

After about 4 weeks when I'm about to plateau strength and fat loss wise, I change up. I start adding in calories over a week or two, until I'm up to maintenance calories. My workouts switch from long rests and strength based stuff, to short rests, intervals, EDT or WOD sessions. Do this for four weeks, then switch.

Yes it is taking longer to lose weight. But, my strength levels and overall health are steadily improving. I have not regained any weight during the periods of more kcal, so I'm not suppressing my metabolism from long periods of reduced calories. Biggest benefit, I am always looking forward to workouts and nothing gets stale. Fun is the key to long term success I think. If it's not fun on some level, why bother?

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