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Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
Don't get caught in the hype of any one approach. Everything works. Nothing works forever. You might want to approach it like an athlete. Periodization is your friend.
I agree with you Dave 100%. Everyone should vary their training. For example one week for me may be weights 3x a week, sprints 1x a week and a 2 hour mountain bike 1x a week....with the next week being completely different.

Intervals don't have to be till you puke, rather alternating intensities based on the person's current fitness levels. One person may walk quick one lap around a track and then walk slow 1/2 lap and repeat. Someone may be doing 100meter runs, another may be 1 min of rowing at their sustainable high pace and then recovering 2 min. What I like about intervals in general is built in it is a program of variation, so you can change the work/rest ratio, level of intensity, duration, and so forth so no 2 workouts may be the same.

Walking on a treadmill is going to be more effective in burning fat say after a weight training session when their glycogen is depleted and they can more effectively burn fat. However in general, LSD only burns fat during the duration of that exercise, and how much is fat will highly depend on glycogen levels, hormones and intensity. Intervals create a metabolic environment (and hormonal) that encourages more fat loss in the hours after the workout.

Fat loss is regulated by nutrition and hormones. Eat right to keep your fat burning hormones high (GH, Glucagon) and fat storing hormones low (insulin) and workout to increase those fat burning hormones (GH). Keep your metabolism running strong with healthy thyroid hormonal production and adrenal glands. Excess long prolonged stress can negatively affect your adrenals/thyroid and when those go down, the fat can pile on. Exercise is a stress, so intervals would be of benefit because they don't last long enough to maximize cortisol. If your LSD goes over 40min, then pretty much the cortisol is peaking from that point on.

Fat burning should be an all day process, not just "how many calories did I just burn" during a workout. That being said, consistency to your workouts, nutrition and healthy lifestyle is your biggest factor in weight could have the best program in the world but if you don't do it, you won't get results.
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