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Ok so some change in plans...

I found today as the perfect opportunity to test my strength in some areas which I did. And today I had a conversation about lifting with my coach and areas I need to improve on... namly the power clean. I've been wanting to jump back into CF for some time and then the nice little 12 week program I created but I came to the agreement with the coach that I need to add some more pounds and continue focus on building more strength. For now that has to take priority. Long story short, last cycle of SS for 6-8 weeks plus 1 gallon of milk per day aong with 3 - 4 meals a day of whatever because getting food in is hard with my busy schedule (try to keep it basic fruits, meat, veggies).

Stronger Power Clean ( not listing a number because I struggle here)
300 Squat
350 Deadlift
Increase numbers on Overhead press and bench ( OH Press is at 135/ Bench at 155)

Yea so some of the goals would not be considered "realistic" but on a program like SS where numbers continually increase it's difficult to find a number that could end up being a warm-up or 5rm.

Anyways, thats the focus for the next 6-8 weeks. I won't post each time but I have several notebooks of all my workouts for the past year and those have become an intregal part of my training.

Can't waitto hit up CF with the new strength once this final cycle is done.
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