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Xuan Mai Ho
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Yesterday - Wed 3/12
8:00 am - Breakfast
Scrambled Eggs
1/2 Grapefruit and a few strawberries

Noon: Snack
A little bit of hijiki salad
A little Hamachi Tartare with Quail Egg
Make your own handrolls - 1/4 cup rice + 3-4 pieces of fish

3:45 - dinner
Cabbage, Carrot, Pepper salad with cucumbers and greens + a few walnuts
A Fist Size portion of braised, bbq short ribs.

10:30 p - Snack*
Grilled Cheese with Bacon
1/2 order of Waffle Fries.

(*Late night out with the peeps. It's bad when you consider 10:30p a late night out!)
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