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Default Off season, pre-season and in-season workout templates

Question for Coaches Greg Everett and Robb Wolf:

I've been a big fan of CF ever since I heard of it early this year and have applied its methods to my athletes with great success. Now, I was just wondering how you would break down a training template for an athlete. Here's my planned template, i do hope you guys can take a look at it and critique

Off season: focus on skill and s&c development.
S&C workouts: ME black box, scaled down CF WODs, Tabata intervals and HIIT

Pre-season: Focus on peaking both S&C and skill.
S&C workouts: EDT type workouts and CF benchmark WODS

In-season: maintenance of all skills, S&C acquired
S&C workouts: O-lifts and variants, BW exercises.
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