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Sweet videos. I liked the Burgener video and realized how much I miss hanging in the RBVHS weight room. Very cool place.
As for the Rip video, nice back yard. Was that gravel you were dragging the sled through?

Now, the interview. I said it on the CF Total thread; he confirmed what I knew all along. You need to come at CF with a good strength base, something I did not have because my training in the past focused on endurance training and weak cardio work. My base is going up, slowly, but is getting there.

I think he had great things to say about CF and its uses and also spoke the truism that more people are doing Oly lifts because of CF. I know that it is true for me at least. I never would have done cleans, snatches, and jerks had I not stumbled upon CF two years ago.
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