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I second Steve.

Off-season is the time to throw in the most demanding strength and conditioning work because you have no competition to be ready for. So you'll see higher volume and intensity. As Steve said, you also should be focusing on weaknesses, i.e. if your metabolic conditioning is already great, spend less time on that and work more strength elements.

Pre-season will shift more into sport-specific training/skill work, and S&C will be reduced only enough to allow this.

In-season will be pretty limited S&C and lots of active recovery work, but only because you need to always be fresh for competition.

The way I look at it is that you want to do as much as possible all the time--but you can't do it all, so you just add/subtract based on priorities. There will also be a lot of individual variation in terms of how much work someone can handle in the different parts of the season, so some degree of experimentation will be necessary to maximize the results.
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