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Thanks for posting the article!

I just got back from SBGi and was really excited that I didn't gas out all that much. I think it had to do with the lower elevation. One day I did three two-hour classes between SBGi and Sportslab and I was tired but still going. And one day I stayed out late drinking until 2 AM (I had a smack yer mama, a Long Island and a shot of Jameson) and was still able to get up early for the 8 AM and the noon classes (2 hrs each) the next day and function well.

It was really cool training with new people and people that didn't try to crush me. I was actually able to hold my own and my game improved a TON just by learning some basic fundamentals.

Seeing the vibe at these two gyms has made me realize I REALLY need to find somewhere new to go. We have limited options in Tucson but I may just switch to BJJ or judo rather than grappling... or at least find places to go to in addition to the gym I'm at now. I love that gym though.... I'm looking at some other places.
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