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Default Finite fat loss

I've been training a woman who is in darn good shape, very strong, and very lean. (pinch test shows sub 16% but i told her that doesn't mean much, use the mirror) This suggestion of course bit me in the butt as she looked at her own butt in the mirror and saw the slightest bit of cellulite.

I told her that persistence in the diet and training would get her in great shape and i feel that i have been right so far. I further told her that we can continue to tweek the diet and training but that i felt it was on course for what she wanted.

Diet looks very zone/paleo with 100% of carbs (<75g a day) coming either with fruit in the morning or after training. roughly .6 to 1g protein per lb body weight. Fat is a reasonable lvl as well and probably makes up the majority of her energy. all counted up she usualy hits around or below 1200 kcals. I feel this is low but i want to know what you guys think. (she is 120 lbs

The only aspect of her diet i feel needs work is her timing and water intake.

As for training: She does core lifts (squat, DL, Shoulder Press, Bench Press, Push Press ect ect) once or twice a week. And either sprint training or a form of interval training twice or 3 times a week. Never longer than 35 min in the gym.

I have told her that when it comes to "that last little bit" things tend to get a bit annoying and that she likely had no issue with it prior because with the relatively higher BF it simply didn't stick out.

Any suggestions or do you think this is pretty much on course?
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