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"Actually, I stole it from Denis Reno's newsletter...then the videos.

Reno had a guy that had a short little letter to the editor from Bulgaria. He just observed that all they taught was "heels, heels, heels."

I'm just poking fun at the intellectual property thing again..."
said Dan John in this thread that I was browsing today, coincidentally -

So if the Bulgarians and Dan John say it, it's gotta be true, nyark nyark.

I've seen pics of greats where you can actually see some space under their toes during the pull. A little rock back to forward. Was this in the Tommy Kono book? I forget.
You can also see it in Yoon's pull!

I know repeating heels to myself before a blig clean or snatch (along with arch, and jump) helps me a lot.
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