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My 7 year old daughter picks up my 48kg and waddles with it ocassionally.

She's genetically my body double. The only footage I have of her on youtube is her playing with a 10lb crappy NYBarbell bell while I'm jerking/pressing the 48 and doing a reverse LCCJ ladder.

A few months back, she told me she was "going over to the barn to train." She was already dressed so I told her to go ahead. In any event, I got dressed and went over and she had my good york training bar with two ten pound bumpers on it. As I entered, she was pressing the weight over head. She then put it down, then recleaned/curled it. Then pressed it again. She was giving it a good go to and grunting like she's seen her daddy etc. After I did my session, and got her back on a broom stick, which she was none to pleased, I told my wife about my concern and got authorization/confirmation to get he some training plates and a training bar.

A 15lb aluminum bar (with bearings) and 2 sets of hi-tech plates (5lb and 3.75 kilos). And my little body double enjoys them.

But everytime she "goes over to train" I go with her.

I love it. I'm blessed.

All the best,
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